Ningbo plastic crates and cheap, welcome to properly talk about!

Ningbo plastic turnover box

Specifications (mm) full range can be customized

The color can be customized

Material PE, PP, HDPE

Features no poison, no smell, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light weight, durable, stackable, look gorgeous, pure color is blue, and so on.

Product description: bottom half side ribs thick and strong. High strength HDPE plastic injection molding, and using impact-resistant construction material, harder parts store access, selection of parts very easy to improve your productivity. fit heavy duty parts applied to metal, machinery, electronics, chemicals, and automobile industries. Strict production process, quality is life of enterprise, and conscientiously do well is our goal for each product, for each customer is our obligation, the customer is our God!

Product features: containers are also known as logistic case, widely used in machinery, automobile, home appliances, light industry, electronic industry, resistant to acid, alkali, oil, nonpoisonous and tasteless and can be used to hold food, easy to clean, spare parts turnover convenient, tidy, and easy to manage. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable for factory logistics of transport, distribution, storage, distribution processing and so on. Crates can be used with a variety of logistics container and workstation combined with, for all kinds of warehouse, production and other occasions, increasingly ignored by a large number of enterprises in the logistics management today, crate to help with logistics container common, integrated management, production and circulation enterprises to the modern logistics management of supplies.

A large quantity of Cong, your arrival is our pleasure! Looking forward to the new and old customers mustard! Best regards!

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