POER electric marine propeller series is a small boat as the driving force of choice for products

POER electric marine propeller series is a small boat as the driving force of choice for products, can also be used for small-sized medium-sized vessels of the auxiliary power. Applicable to: fishing boats, inflatable boats, kayaks, rubber boats, assault boats, glass steel boats and other 2-6 m small boats close by. Suitable for fishing, leisure and tourism, professional water players, green projects such as construction

EM series features: battery power indicator - speed gear indicator - speed control more durable
Model: EM54 (54 lb)
Brand: POER Pearl

Voltage: 12V
Main rod length: 31in / 780mm
Maximum current: 45A
Net weight: 8.2 KG
Main rod material: aluminum alloy
Packing size: 55 × 16 × 111.5CM
Recommended battery specifications: 100Ah

Gearshift: forward 5/2 files
Mounting position: stern
Control mode: manual control level, telescopic handle
Power mode: battery powered
Retractable control handle range: 15cm
Hull and propeller between the fixed way: hanging type
Applicable waters: fresh water, sea water
Warranty: 1 year